Pilot and Feasibility


Approximately $90,000 is available to fund P&F grants (Minimum 1, maximum 3). The major objective of this program is to provide research support to test innovative hypotheses from individuals or multidisciplinary teams involving nutrition/obesity-related research and other pilot studies related to the function of the NORC.

The detailed format for the letter of intent and the full application is available for download here: Application Instructions.

Please direct any questions directly to the Core Directors/Co-Directors to which your work corresponds:

HUMAN PHENOTYPING CORE: Corby Martin, Leanne Redman
ANIMAL MODELS/PHENOTYPING: Randy Mynatt, Christopher Morrison
MOLECULAR MECHANISMS: Michael Salbaum, David Burk

Apply online at: http://norcfunding.pbrc.edu
* Use PBRC email address and password to log into LACaTS website.